Sakura Cherry Blossom Liqueur | さくらのリキュール


Sakura Cherry Blossom Liqueur | さくらのリキュール

Now you can make alcohol cute as well! haha It’s sakura viewing season in Japan right now, so I thought that making some sakura recipes would be perfect! This is so simple to make and looks absolutely beautiful, especially when you’re looking at it through a clear glass! This liqueur isn’t intended for drinking (although I’m sure you could use it for cocktails), it’s for adding a delicate cherry blossom flavour to your cooking and baked goods! Sakura (cherry blossoms) have a very light, delicate flavour. Anything that is flavoured with sakura seems to have a warm, delicate sweetness to it and is absolutely delicious!

Ingredients (makes 1 cup)
❤ 1 cup of kirsch (cherry liqueur)
❤ 25 pickled sakura cherry blossom flowers (purchase some here)

1. Place the pickled sakura flowers into a bowl and submerge in cold water. Gently massage the flowers to release the salt, then allow them to soak in the water for 1 hour to remove any additional salt between the petals and stems.
2. Drain the flowers and pat dry with a paper towel until most of the moisture has been absorbed. Place these into a sterilized jar, and pour in the kirsch liqueur. Close the lid and place the jar in the refrigerator. Wait at least 3 days for the flowers to steep in the liqueur. In this time, the flowers will impart a very delicate cherry blossom flavour into the kirsch and will turn the liqueur a pale pink colour.
3. Use in any baking of your choice to add a delicate cherry blossom flavour!
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Sakura Cherry Blossom Liqueur | さくらのリキュール


❤キルシュ 1カップ
❤桜花塩漬け 25輪





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