Matcha Affogato | 抹茶のアフォガート


Matcha Affogato | 抹茶のアフォガート

We’re swapping out the espresso, and replacing it with matcha to make a tea version of an affogato! I love affogatos and the creamy, sweet vanilla ice cream pairs perfectly with the slightly bitter matcha. This is so easy and quick to make, and if you’re making this for a group of people, I’d recommend scooping the ice cream first, and then whisking the matcha with the hot water. This way the matcha will be as hot as possible when you pour it on top!

Ingredients (serves 1)
❤ ¼ tbsp matcha green tea powder
❤ ¼ cup hot water (almost boiling)
❤ 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream

1. Dissolve the matcha powder in the almost boiling water. Using a Japanese bamboo whisk (chasen) (or a regular whisk if you don’t have one, like me), briskly whisk the matcha in a W motion until it gets thick and foamy. Using a Japanese bamboo whisk is going to give you a much better result and it’ll be much more frothy, but it still tastes delicious if you make it this way too.
2. Place a scoop of vanilla ice cream into a glass, and pour the matcha over top, and enjoy!

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Matcha Affogato | 抹茶のアフォガート

エスプレッソの代わりに抹茶を使って、アフォガートのお茶のバージョンを作りました!アフォガートが大好きで、ちょっと苦い抹茶は甘くて、クリーミーなバ ニラアイスクリームによ~く合います!簡単で、はやく作れるレシピで、多くの人に作ってあげる時にアイスクリームをグラスに入れてから、抹茶粉をお湯に溶 かす。こうすると、抹茶が冷めなくて、アイスクリームを溶かします。

❤抹茶粉 大さじ1/4
❤お湯 1/4カップ
❤バニラアイス 1スクープ




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