DIY Rilakkuma Lollipop Bouquet | 手作りリラックマのロリポップのブーケ


DIY Rilakkuma Lollipop Bouquet | 手作りリラックマのロリポップのブーケ

So simple but the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day! This was so much fun to make, and the possibilities are endless! You could even make a rainbow one with a bunch of different flavours and colours!

Ingredients (makes 1 bouquet)
❤ homemade hardy candies (recipe here)
❤ about 20 lollipop sticks
❤ tissue paper
❤ scotch tape
❤ 1 vase or mason jar
❤ colourful hard candies
❤ ribbon

1. To make the lollipops, pour the hot sugar mixture from my Homemade Hard Candy recipe (recipe here) into a silicone mold of your choice. Then stick one lollipop stick into each shape, holding the stick in place until the candy fully sets. This will take around 15-20 minutes.
2. Then gently unmold the lollipops from the mold. I made 3 different flavours for this bouquet – watermelon, pomegranate and blackberry.
3. Cut 20 3”x3” squares of tissue paper, and slide them onto each lollipop stick. Twist them at the base of the lollipop to make it look like a little flower, and secure the base of the tissue paper with tape.
3. Wrap a ribbon around a vase or mason jar and tie a bow. Then fill it up with hard candies. Stick the lollipops into the hard candies, arranging them like flowers.

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DIY Rilakkuma Lollipop Bouquet | 手作りリラックマのロリポップのブーケ






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