How to Make Homemade Strawberry Jam and Bunny Toast | 手作りいちごジャムとウサギのトースト


How to Make Homemade Strawberry Jam & Bunny Toast | 手作りいちごジャムとウサギのトースト

A simple breakfast, but so cute and delicious! When I first made this jam, I was almost jumping up and down, because I was so pleased with how it tasted! Even the smell – it smelled like fresh strawberries, even though the strawberries I was using looked a little bit plain and sad. It smelled like those really yummy, tiny strawberries that you get when you go strawberry picking in the summer. So I had to share this recipe with you guys, because it’s infinitely better than the jam you get at the grocery store. Need proof? My boyfriend spread the entire jar that I gave him between just two slices of bread. I looked at him feeling both very impressed at his ability to eat that much and insane happiness that he likes my cooking, haha.

I’m really curious now how other fruit would taste using this same method! If you have any requests, let me know and I’ll do some experimenting!

❤ 1 kg fresh strawberries, washed and hulled
❤ 500g sugar
❤ 2 tbsp lemon juice
❤ sliced bread
❤ aluminum foil

1. To make the jam, place the strawberries in a large bowl and cover with the sugar. Let this sit 4 hours or overnight.
2. Then pour the strawberries into a pot. Place it on the stove and set to high heat. Allow it to come to a boil, and remove any scum that develops.
3. Once it reduces by half, add the lemon juice. Allow it to cool slightly, and then pour it into sterilized jars. Then flip them upside and let them sit overnight once more!
4. To make the toast, cut rabbit shapes out of aluminum foil. Place this on top of each slice of bread, and place these in a toaster oven. These need to stay flat, so you’ll need a toaster oven instead of a regular toaster. Toast the bread to your desired colour, and gently remove the toast. The area underneath the aluminum foil will not have browned, and you’ll have a cute rabbit face underneath!

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How to Make Homemade Strawberry Jam & Bunny Toast | 手作りいちごジャムとウサギのトースト

シンプルですが、かわいくて、おいしい朝ごはんです!最初に作った時に、香りも味も意外に良くて、すご~く嬉しかったです!使ったいちごがちょっと 悲しそうでしたが、夏で売られている赤くて、ジューシーなイチゴの味がありました!スーパーで買うジャムより大変おいしいですので、皆さんにレシピを教え たかったのです!彼氏がもらったジャムをトースト2枚だけに使い切って、びっくりしました(笑)。ジャムを一気にそれぐらい食べるのがすごいと思います が、私の料理もそれぐらい好きと気づいたら、とても嬉しくなりました^ω^


❤いちご(水洗って、ヘタを取る) 1キロ
❤砂糖 500g
❤レモン汁 大さじ2



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