Persimmon Breakfast Smoothie | 朝ごはんに!柿のスムージー


Persimmon Breakfast Smoothie | 朝ごはんに!柿のスムージー

Persimmons are so flavourful that all this smoothie needs is milk and a light sprinkle of cinnamon to make a delicious breakfast! It’s so tricky to describe what persimmons taste like, and I think that the most accurate description I’ve heard is that it tastes like a mix between melon and tomato. It has a spice to it as well – not spicy as in chili peppers, but a warm, cinnamon and nutmeg kind of spice to it. This fruit is very much a fall fruit, every year I get so excited to see it in grocery stores! Not only is it unique and adorable in its looks, but the flavour is like nothing else!

I’m a huge fan of super thick smoothies that you eat with a spoon, which is what this smoothie is. If you’d like more of a thinner consistency, just add another cup or so of milk! And if you would like a touch more sweetness, add some honey!

Ingredients (serves 4)
❤4 persimmons
❤ 2 cups milk
❤ cinnamon

1. Slice the persimmons into segments. Then place them in a Ziploc bag and place them in the freezer.
2. Once they are completely frozen, place them in a blender with milk and pulse until smooth.
3. Place in a glass with a sprinkle of cinnamon on top, and a persimmon leaf for decoration, and you’re done!

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Persimmon Breakfast Smoothie | 朝ごはんに!柿のスムージー

牛乳とシナモンを少しだけ加えると柿とおいしい朝ごはんになります!柿は何の味があると説明しにくいだと思いますが、トマトとメロンの味に近いと思 います。チリよりシナモンやナツメグのようなあたたかいスパイスも入った味がしています。秋っぽいの果物で、スーパーで売られる時に毎年楽しみにします! 見た目もかわいくて、味も大変おいしいです!


❤柿 4個
❤牛乳 カップ2




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