Hello Kitty Hot Chocolate | ハローキティのホットチョコ


Hello Kitty Hot Chocolate | ハローキティのホットチョコ

This is strawberry-flavoured hot chocolate is perfect for all Hello Kitty fans! I decided to use strawberry milk to achieve the delicate strawberry flavour and the adorable pink colour that is so girly and so Hello Kitty-like. If you love pink, you definitely have to make this. It’s like cuteness in a glass! I tried adding pureed fresh strawberries to the milk initially, but found that it somehow caused the hot chocolate to split and made it become all lumpy, so it is definitely worth the effort to search for strawberry-flavoured milk at the grocery store.

When choosing the white chocolate for the bows, I’d recommend a chocolate that stays thick when melted. I always use Lindt Swiss Classic White Chocolate. This is much thicker than the Lindt Excellence White Chocolate, which becomes very runny when melted. The thicker the chocolate, the more dimension you’ll be able to get when making the bows, and they will be thicker, so they will stay intact longer when sitting at room temperature. I would also recommend having a flat tray underneath the parchment paper so that you don’t risk misshaping the chocolate when transferring it in and out of the freezer.

Ingredients (serves 2
❤ 10 squares white chocolate
❤ pink oil-based food colouring
❤ 4 cups strawberry milk
❤ 100g white chocolate
❤ whipped cream
❤ mini pink marshmallows

1. Melt the 10 squares of white chocolate in the microwave, and add a few drops of pink oil-based food colouring. Using a small spoon, draw 2 pink bows onto a sheet of parchment paper, making sure to make them as thick as possible. Place these in the freezer to set.
2. Heat the milk in a pot on medium heat until it is hot. Be careful not to allow the milk to come to a boil. Then add and fully melt the 100g of white chocolate.
3. Pour the hot chocolate into 2 mugs, and top with plenty of whipped cream and mini pink marshmallows. Then place the one pink chocolate bow on top of each hot chocolate at a slight angle, and you’re done!

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Hello Kitty Hot Chocolate | ハローキティのホットチョコ

ハローキティのファンの皆さんはこのいちご味のホットチョコを絶対に好きだと思います!かわいくてハローキティっぽいのピンク色があるためにいちご ミルクを使用することにしました。ピンク色が好きな方はぜひ試してみてください!最初に作ってみた時に生いちごのピュレを牛乳に入りましたが、ホット チョコが何となく凝乳になってしまいましたので、スーパーで売られているいちごミルクのほうがいいと思います。

リボンに使うチョコレートを選ぶ時に、溶けた状態でも厚いチョコレートが一番使いやすいです。オススメはLindt Swiss Classic White Chocolateです。同じブランドでも、Lindt Excellence White Chocolateは溶けた状態にとてみうすくなってしまって、使いにくいです。厚いチョコレートを使うと、リボンは描きやすくて、室温に置くと速く溶け てしまいません。描く前に、クッキングシートの下にトレーなどに置くと冷凍庫に入れると取り出す時にものすごく持ちやすいです。

❤ホワイトチョコレート 10粒
❤ ピンク色の油性食用色素
❤いちごミルク カップ4
❤ホワイトチョコレート 100g





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