No-Face Crostini | カオナシのクロスティーニ


No-Face Crostini | カオナシのクロスティーニ

Spirited Away is my hands down favourite Studio Ghibli movie, and I’m absolutely in love with these little crostini! I was having a hard time finding black sesame paste here in Canada, so I thought that I’d just make my own and include it in the recipe! These would be the most adorable addition to a dinner party, and if your guests are a fan of all Miyazaki films, then the Princess Mononoke Shishigami Cheese Ball would pair perfectly with these crostini!

Ingredients (makes 15 crostini)
❤ 7 tbsp black sesame seeds, toasted
❤ 1 1/2 tbsp sesame oil
❤ 1 1/2 tbsp honey
❤ 2 pinches of salt
❤ 1 small ball of fresh mozzarella cheese
❤ 1 sheet of nori seaweed
❤ 1 baguette

1. First, make the sesame paste. Place the sesame seeds in a food processor and pulse until they are finely ground and are secreting their oil. Then add the sesame oil and honey, and mix together.
2. Slice the baguette into long, oval slices, and toast. Then slice the mozzarella into oval slices.
3. Spread the sesame seed paste onto the toast, then place the mozzarella slices on top. Slice out No-Face’s eyes and markings on his mask out of the nori, and stick them directly onto the cheese.

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No-Face Crostini | カオナシのクロスティーニ

千と千尋の神隠しはスタジオジブリの映画の中で一番大好きな映画ですので、このクロスティーニも大好きです!カナダで黒ごまペーストをなかなか見つけられ なくて、自分で作って、皆さんに作り方を教えることにしました!パーティーにとてもかわいいと思って、もののけ姫のシシ神のチーズボールによく合うと思い ます!

❤黒炒りごま 大さじ7
❤ごま油 大さじ1.5
❤蜂蜜 大さじ1.5
❤塩 大ひとつまみ
❤モッツァレラ 小1個
❤海苔 1枚
❤フランスパン 1本




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