Chanel Onigiri | CHANELのおにぎり


Chanel Onigiri | CHANELのおにぎり

I’ve actually really wanted to make these for a while now! I filled these with my favourite fillings – tuna and corn, and salmon and avocado, but you’re welcome to add whatever kind of filling that you like! The rice is just lightly salted, and the tuna and corn is made creamy with the addition of mayonnaise. Cutting out the logos can be a bit fiddly, but apart from that, these come together really quickly. If you’re nervous about finding salmon that is safe to eat raw, simply go the area in your grocery store where they sell pre-made sushi, and pick up a box of sashimi! No tummy ache – guaranteed (hopefully)!

Ingredients (makes 3 onigiri)
❤2 rice cooker cups (360ml) of short-grain rice
❤ pink food colouring
❤ salt
❤ 2 tbsp corn
❤ ½ can of tuna
❤ mayonnaise
❤ salt & pepper
❤ 1 piece of salmon sashimi
❤ wasabi
❤ ¼ avocado, mashed
❤ 3 slices of processed white cheese
❤ nori sheets

1. Place the rice in the rice cooker with as much water as directed, and add a few drops of pink food colouring. Then cook the rice as usual.
2. Make the filling in the meantime: Mix together the corn, tuna, a squirt of mayonnaise and salt and pepper in a small bowl. Set aside.
3. Using a printed out Chanel logo as a stencil, cut 3 logos out from the processed cheese. Set these aside as well.
4. Add some salt to the rice once it’s finished cooking, and lay out two sheets of plastic wrap. Take about a handful of rice and place it in the center of each sheet, and place a spoonful of the filling in the center of each mound of rice. Shape the rice into balls using the plastic wrap, and squeeze tightly. Unwrap the onigiri from the plastic wrap, and wrap one onigiri in a sheet of nori. You may need to trim the edges of the nori to properly fit it to the onigiri. Then place a Chanel logo onto both onigiris.
5. To make the Chanel purse onigiri, line a mug with plastic wrap. Spoon a few tablespoons of rice into the bottom of the mug, and press down. Then add the salmon sashimi with some wasabi spread on top, and top with more rice. Press down again, and add the avocado. Add a final layer of rice, and press down firmly once more. Remove the onigiri from the mug, and wrap it in a sheet of nori. You may need to trim the sides of this as well. Then cut out a piece of cheese into the shape of the top opening flap thingy (?) of the purse, and then cover with a sheet of nori. Place this on top of the purse, and place the logo on top.
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Chanel Onigiri | CHANELのおにぎり

このおにぎりをずっと作ってみたかったのです。一番好きな中身(ツナコーンと鮭とアボカド)を使用しましたが、お好みの中身を入れてもどうぞ❤ご飯に塩を 少々加え、マヨネーズをツナコーンの中身に加えるととてもクリーミー食感があります。CHANELのロゴをチーズから切り取るのがちょっと難しいですが、 それ以外に、速く作れます!刺身用鮭が見つけられない場合、スーパーで売られている寿司パックを買うと必ず刺身用寿司が入っています^ω^

❤米 2合
❤ ピンク色の食用色素
❤コーン 大さじ2
❤ツナ 缶1/2
❤鮭(刺身用) 1枚
❤アボカド(つぶした) 1/4個
❤チーズ 3枚




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