Louis Vuitton Miso Soup | ルイ・ヴィトンのみそ汁


Louis Vuitton Miso Soup | ルイ・ヴィトンのみそ汁

I’ve heard that lots of models drink miso soup because it’s so low in calories but also filling, so this is totally suited for fashion week! I always wanted to show you guys how to make miso soup, so incorporating it into fashion week and making it all cute and stylish was the perfect opportunity! This recipe tastes just like the miso you’ll get at restaurants, without the strangely powdery, instant soup flavour. This is seriously so easy to make, you’ll wonder why you ever got it at restaurants or bought the instant packets. Each household in Japan adds their own unique touch to miso soup, so you’re welcome to add some daikon (radish) slices, chopped up eggplant etc. to personalize your miso! When choosing your mushrooms, the rounder, firmer and thicker mushrooms will be much easier to carve into without the risk of them breaking apart or not having a nice, flat surface for the design to sit on.

Ingredients (makes 6 cups)
❤ 6 small shiitake mushrooms
❤ 6 cups water
❤ 3 tsp powdered bonito stock
❤ 2 tbsp miso paste
❤ ½ tbsp dried wakame (dried seaweed, this is different from nori, which is wrapped around sushi)
❤ 1 small block of soft tofu

1. Using a sharp knife, slice out the Louis Vuitton patterns from the top surface of the shiitake mushrooms. Try to slice as shallow as possible to keep the mushrooms whole and intact.
2. Pour the water into a pot and sprinkle in the bonito stock. Bring the water to a boil, then add and completely dissolve the miso paste. This might take a few minutes, so just keep stirring and mixing it in.
3. Add the shiitake mushrooms and boil until they are cooked through.
4. In the meantime, place the dried wakame into a small dish, and pour in some cold water to rehydrate the wakame. Then add the rehydrated wakame and tofu to the pot, and boil until tofu warms up.
5. Pour into individual bowls and serve!

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Louis Vuitton Miso Soup | ルイ・ヴィトンのみそ汁

低カロリーで、飲むと満腹感がありますのでモデルたちがよく飲むと聞いたのですので、ファッション・ウィークにぴったりだと思います!ずっとみそ汁のレシ ピをアップしたくて、ファッション・ウィークに可愛くて、おしゃれなバージョンを’作るのがとても楽しそうでした!レストランで飲むのと同じぐらいに美味 しくて、乾燥インスタントスープの味がしていません❤すごく簡単なレシピで、レストランに飲みに行くことやインスタントバージョンを飲むのより作りやすい です!日本では、家庭によって材料が異なりますので、お好みで大根やナスなどを入れてもどうぞ❤できるだけ丸い、厚いしいたけを使って、すごく刻みやすく なります!

❤しいたけ 6個
❤水 6カップ
❤かつおだし 小さじ3
❤味噌 大さじ2
❤わかめ 大さじ1/2
❤豆腐 小1丁





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