Mini Croissant Sandwiches | クロワッサンのミニサンドイッチ


Mini Croissant Sandwiches | クロワッサンのミニサンドイッチ

These are perfect for back to school! If you put these in your lunchbox, you’ll definitely have the cutest lunch there, and hopefully make being back at school sightly less painful! I’d recommend making and packing these the night before, so that you can just grab them and run out the door! These may be tiny, but I was so stuffed after about 5 of them. Add your favourite sandwich fillings with the bulkiest ingredients (like the banana in a peanut butter and banana sandwich) cut into a small stick and rolled up with the bread. You guys should totally send me some photos on instagram (@pankobunny) if you make these for school! xx

Ingredients (makes 9 small sandwiches or 6 medium-sized sandwiches)
❤1 large loaf (about 520g) sourdough bread
❤your desired toppings ( I used cucumber & cream cheese, peanut butter & jelly, peanut butter & banana and ham & cheese)
❤decorative toothpicks

1. Slice all of the crust off of the loaf of sourdough, creating one large piece of crustless bread.
2. Slice the bread horizontally into 3 long pieces. Then flatten them out with a rolling pin, making them as flat as possible. Trim the edges of the slices so that they become rectangles with straight sides.
3. Slice each piece into 3-4 triangles. If you would like bigger croissants, slice each piece in half diagonally to make 2 large triangles. Flatten the pieces once more with a rolling pin.
4. Spread on your desired spread, and place the filling (like cucumber or banana) at the widest part of the triangle. Begin to roll up the triangle starting from the widest part, to make a croissant. Secure it closed with a decorative toothpick.

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Mini Croissant Sandwiches | クロワッサンのミニサンドイッチ

新学期にぴったりです!新学期の弁当に入れると学校のなかで一番かわいい弁当になりますよ!前の夜に作っておくと朝に冷蔵庫から取り出して、すぐ出かけま す!小さいですが、5個ぐらいだけ食べるとお腹がいっぱいになりました!お好みのトッピングなどを入れて、楽しめるサンドイッチです❤試してみたら、ぜひ instagram(@pankobunny)で写真をお送りください!

❤サワードウブレッド 大1片(約520g)




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