Watermelon and Lime Water | スイカとライムウォーター


Watermelon and Lime Water | スイカとライムウォーター

Welcome to Day 4 of Fruit Water Week! Watermelon is already so refreshing, so it pairs wonderfully with water. The lime livens it up and gives it a real kick, so this is perfect for the days when you’re super thirsty and dehydrated, but are craving something flavourful too.


Ingredients (makes about 1.5L)
❤ 1 ½ cups watermelon, cut into chunks
❤ 1/2 lime, thinly sliced
❤ ice
❤ 1.5L or your desired amount of water

1. Place 1 cup of watermelon and the lime into a tall pitcher. Place the remaining ½ cup of watermelon into a food processor, and pulse until it becomes liquid. Strain to remove the pulp, or if you like pulp, add this directly into the tall pitcher. Top with the ice and water, and serve!

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Watermelon and Lime Water | スイカとライムウォーター

❤スイカ(角に切った) 1.5カップ
❤ライム(薄くスライスした) 1/2個
❤水 1.5リットル(またはお好みの分量で)





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