Cucumber and Mint Water | きゅうりとミントウォーター


Cucumber and Mint Water | きゅうりとミントウォーター

Welcome to day 2 of my fruit water theme week! I always associate cucumber water with summer, so I had to make this one for you guys! This is so refreshing, cooling and hydrating and is completely guilt-free! Even just the vibrant green colour makes this drink so fresh, and it requires very little steeping time at all. Have this drink with you at the pool, and you’ll still be able to stay cold and refreshed even when the sun is at its hottest.

Ingredients (makes about 1.5L)
❤ ½ cucumber
❤ a handful of fresh mint leaves
❤ ice
❤ 1.5L or your desired amount of water

1. Using a vegetable peeler, slice off strips of the cucumber’s skin to create a striped pattern. Then thinly slice the cucumber into rounds.
2. Place the cucumber, mint and ice into a tall pitcher, add the water and you’re done!

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Cucumber and Mint Water | きゅうりとミントウォーター

フルーツウォーターのテーマウィークの2日(?)へようこそ❤❤きゅうりウォーターはやはり夏の飲み物だと思いますので、本当に作ってみたかったの❤爽や かで飲むと冷たくなるものです!きれいな緑色だけでフレッシュで、作るときゅうりの味を水にすぐ味わえます。プールに行く時に飲むと暑い日でも、体が冷た くなります。

❤きゅうり 1/2本
❤ミントの葉  ひとつかみ
❤水 1.5リットル(またはお好みの分量で)




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