Hello Kitty Ice Cream Sandwiches | ハローキティのアイスサンド


Hello Kitty Ice Cream Sandwiches | ハローキティのアイスサンド

Because we’re in the middle of summer, I’ve thought up this sweet and yummy recipe for ice cream sandwiches!  They’re gaining more and more popularity nowadays, so why not make your own at home? These use the pink brownie recipe that I posted last week, and the ice cream filling is super easy to make! If the anko and mochi aren’t your thing, you could always add different ingredients like gummies, caramel or nuts and make an ice cream sandwich that’s completely your own!

Ingredients (makes 6 sandwiches)
❤ pink brownies (half of the recipe, which can be found here)
❤ 2 ½ cups vanilla ice cream, softened
❤ ½ cup anko (red bean paste)
❤ 5 large strawberries, finely chopped
❤ ½ cup mini mochi

1. Place the ice cream in a bowl, then mix in the anko, strawberries and mini mochi. Pour this into a plastic container lined with plastic wrap until it is about 1 inch thick. Place the lid on the container, and place it in the freezer overnight to fully set.
2. Using a Hello Kitty-shaped cookie cutter, cut out 6 shapes from the pink brownies. Then slice each brownie in half to create the top and bottom of the sandwiches. You can use some melted dark chocolate to draw little Hello Kitty faces onto one of each of the halves.
3. Once the ice cream is completely set, remove it from the container by lifting it up with the plastic wrap, and place it on a cutting board. Dip the same cookie cutter in hot water, and then cut out 6 shapes from the ice cream. Press down firmly to cut through the strawberries and mochi.
4. Then simply sandwich the ice cream between the two brownie halves, and you’re done!

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Hello Kitty Ice Cream Sandwiches | ハローキティのアイスサンド

❤バニラアイス(少し柔らかくなった) カップ2.5
❤あんこ カップ1/2
❤いちご(みじん切り) 大5個
❤餅(小さいサイズ) 1/2カップ





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