DIY Mimosa Bar | DIYミモサスタンド


DIY Mimosa Bar | DIYミモサスタンド

Looking for something to serve at your party that will have a great wow-factor? Try this out!! All you have to do is literally chop up some fruit and pour some juice, but it looks stunning! Feel free to go the traditional route with orange juice and champagne, or mix it up and serve the champagne with mango or pomegranate juice, or even lemonade! I chose my juice and fruit based on what would look prettiest when lined up, because almost everything goes with champagne, right? You could even use this for your child or teen’s birthday party, and swap the champagne for sparkling water! It tastes just as delicious and still looks absolutely beautiful! I bought the jugs from K-Mart for only $2 each, so this doesn’t have to cost you a lot to put together either!

❤3 kinds of juice (I used blood orange, mango and lemonade)
❤4 kinds of fruit (I used white peaches, oranges, strawberries and raspberries)
❤champagne (or sparkling water for virgin mimosas)
❤3 glass jugs
❤3 blank labels
❤4 ramekins or small bowls
❤champagne flutes

1. Slice the strawberries in half, and cut the peaches and oranges into segments. Then place all of the fruit into separate ramekins.
2. Write the flavour of each juice on white labels, and stick them onto the glass jugs. Fill the jugs with the corresponding juice.
3. Arrange the champagne flutes next to the jugs and champagne. Place the bowls of in front, and you’re done! Invite your guests to add some fruit to their glasses to make their drinks even more fancy and delicious!

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❤ジュース 4種類 (今回はブラッドオレンジ、マンゴとレモネードを使用しました)
❤フルーツ 4種類 (今回は白桃、オレンジ、いちごとラスベリーを使用しました)
❤ガラス製の水差し 3杯
❤ラベル 3枚
❤ココットや小さなボウル 4個




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