Strawberry Roses | いちごのバラ


Strawberry Roses

These roses are sure to put a smile on the face of any foodie at any occasion. Though it takes a few strawberries to get the hang of slicing them, you can quickly make a bouquet of a dozen sweet and juicy strawberry roses. Serve these alongside pancakes to your mom for breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day, or present these to somebody who is graduating this time of year! This provides a unique twist on traditional red roses, and I even noticed that after making them and letting them sit for a few hours, the slicing of the strawberries really seemed to bring out their sweetness and juiciness. You could even just make one or two roses, and use them to decorate a breakfast or dessert plate!

❤fresh strawberries
❤lollipop sticks
❤flower vase

1. Wash the strawberries well, and stick them onto the lollipop sticks so that the leaves are on the bottom, and the ends are pointing upwards.
2. When slicing the strawberries, keep in mind not to fully slice down, and ensure that you only slice ¾ of the way downward, to keep the petals attached. Make 4 vertical slices on the bottom half of the strawberries, and gently fan them out. Make four more slices mid-way up the strawberries, and slice them so that they fill in the spaces between the lower petals. Take a look at your roses and add any extra slices if you feel it is necessary.
3. Place a piece of styrofoam into the base of a vase. Choose a size that will fit into the vase snugly, and not shift. Begin to stick the roses into the ball, and trim any lollipop sticks if you would like to make them shorter.
4. Store your bouquet in the fridge until you are ready to give them as a present.

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