Mother’s Day Edible Drawings | 母の日の食べられる絵


Mother’s Day Edible Drawings

Thinking of giving your mom a unique gift this year? Or is she a foodie, or a lover of all things chocolate? This is a playful twist on the traditional drawings that I’m sure many of us have given to our moms when we were little. Your drawing will now not only look beautiful, but will taste delicious too! The possibilities are endless – draw whatever you like! Wrap these in cellophane and tie them with a beautiful ribbon, and tuck them into a bouquet of flowers, or serve them with breakfast in bed! If you’re doing this with your child, you can use new, unused paintbrushes instead of piping bags to make the painting even easier – just be sure to have one brush per colour.

Ingredients (makes 2 drawings)
❤2 square-shaped chocolate bars (I recommend Ritter Sport)
❤5 squares of chocolate per colour of “paint” (I recommend Cadbury, as it still remains thick and easy to pipe when melted)
❤oil-based food colouring
❤piping bags

1. Flip the chocolate bar over, so that the little squares are facing down. This will be used as your canvas for the drawings.
2. Melt the chocolate that you will use as your paint until it is fully melted, but still thick enough to pipe and hold its shape. (Note: In the video I used Lindt chocolate to draw the “bears”, which turned out looking like little hamster gremlins – partially because of my lack of drawing skills. The consistency was much too runny, so I recommend using Cadbury chocolate, which I used for the white chocolate. It is significantly easier to work with, and will save you so much hassle and frustration. For dark “paint”, I recommend using milk or dark Cadbury chocolate.)
3. If you would like to colour your chocolate, dye the chocolate with an oil-based food colouring. In my video I used pink, orange and green. Pour the chocolate into a piping bag, and cut a tiny opening at the end. If you’re doing this with children, you could use new, unused paintbrushes instead of piping bags.
4. Paint your “canvas” with your “paint”, then place them in the fridge to set!

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❤四角形の板チョコ(リッタースポーツがオススメです) 2枚




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