Pink Piggy Confetti Cake | ピンク色のキャンディー入りブタさんのケーキ


Pink Piggy Confetti Cake

This cake will definitely steal the spotlight at any celebration, and the m&ms that spill out when it is sliced will add even more excitement. Just make sure not to pack them too tight into the cake, because the cake may crack, or they may stick into the cake and not spill out as nicely. I used Martha Stewart’s carrot cake recipe for this cake, because it tastes SO AMAZING, so I’ve linked the recipe in the ingredients list below. Carrot cake is quite moist and crumbly, so I would recommend using a pound cake or something more dense if this is your first time carving a cake.

Ingredients (makes 1 cake)
❤ 1 4-inch and 2 9-inch cakes (I used Martha Stewart’s carrot cake recipe here)
❤ Pink Cream Cheese Frosting (recipe here)
❤1 ½ packages m&ms (I used raspberry m&ms)
❤dark chocolate
❤ white chocolate, dyed pink
❤ toothpicks
❤chocolate truffles (optional)

1. Stack the 2 9-inch cakes on top of each other, and begin to carve the edges of the cake to shape it into a sphere. Then make about a 2-inch hole down through the center of both layers of the cake, and set aside the cake scraps that you pulled out. Then cut out 4 hooves and 2 ears from the 4-inch cake
2. Place the cake on the plate or cake stand that you will be serving it on. Spread some frosting between the layers of the cake, then pour the m&ms into the hole that you cut open. Fill the hole up to the top, then seal off the hole with some of the cake scraps.
3. Crumb coat the cake by spreading a thin layer of frosting over the entire surface. Then secure the hooves and ears to the cake with toothpicks, and coat them with a thin layer of icing as well. Set the cake in the freezer for 5-10 minutes.
4. Melt the dark and pink coloured chocolate, and spoon some onto a square of parchment paper to create the eyes and the snout. Make 2 large circles with dark chocolate for the eyes, and a large oval with pink chocolate for the snout. Place these in the freezer to set, then make 2 small ovals with the dark chocolate over top of the snout, to make the nostrils. Return to the freezer again to set.
5. Apply a final, thick and smooth layer of frosting over the pig, and then stick on the eyes and snout. If your sense of humor is as immature and childish as mine, you can place some truffles at the opposite end of the pig as its little “presents”.

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❤10cm直径のケーキ 1個
❤22cm直径のケーキ 2個 (マーサ・スチュワートのキャロットケーキのレシピを使用しました。リンクはこちらです。)
❤m&ms(ラスベリー味を使用しました) 11/2袋




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