DIY Kinder Eggs | 手作りのキンダーサプライズ


DIY Kinder Eggs

Happy Easter everyone! Every year as a child, my Easter mornings were filled with chocolate. So much so that I was almost gagging from the amount of sugar I had consumed by mid-morning. One of the most iconic Easter chocolates for me, and I suppose for many people, are Kinder Eggs. For some reason these aren’t sold in the United States, so I thought that as my little present to those of you who live there, I’d make them for you! I didn’t want to use any fancy or hard to find molds, so all you need to make these are just a deep ladle and chocolate! When choosing a ladle, choose one that is relatively deep and egg-shaped, and keep in mind what it will look like when both halves are attached. These can be slightly intimidating at first, but you’ll get the hang of it as you keep making them. Surprise your kids with these on Easter morning (or any morning, really. Every time is time for chocolate ❤), or give them as cute presents to anybody on any occasion! If you use white chocolate instead of milk chocolate for the outer layer, you could dye it any colour you like! So pretty and spring-like!

Ingredients (makes 2 eggs)
❤2 milk chocolate bars ミルク板チョコ 2枚
❤ 2 white chocolate barsホワイト板チョコ 2枚
❤ your desired filling: mini eggs, gummy bears, a toy, etc. お好みのグミ、ミニチョコレート、おもちゃなど
❤ a deep, oval shaped ladle 深い、楕円形のおたま

1. First, melt the milk chocolate in the microwave. Spread the milk chocolate evenly over the inside of the ladle, and place in the freezer until set, 5-10 minutes. Spread another thin layer of milk chocolate inside the ladle, and place in the freezer again to set, 5-10 minutes.
2. Melt the white chocolate, then spread a thin layer inside the ladle. Run a knife along the perimeter of the ladle to create a flat edge. This will allow the two sides to be easily “glued” together. Place in the freezer to set again.
3. To unmold the egg, fill a bowl with boiling water, and gently run the bottom of the ladle over the surface of the water. Make sure not to directly touch the chocolate to the water. Gently loosen the egg with a sharp knife, and remove the egg from the mold.
4. If the egg has cracked or has slightly melted from the hot water, dip a butter knife in hot water, dry with a dishcloth, and then glide it over the egg to create a smooth surface.
5. Place this on a tray and put it back into the freezer while you make the other 3 halves. Once all 4 halves have been made, fill 2 halves with any treats that you like. You could also be mean, and fill one with a brussels sprout. Spread some chocolate along the edge of the filled half, and place an empty half on top. In the same manner as step 4, you can run a hot knife along the edge to smooth any bumps out. Place the eggs in the freezer to finally set once more.

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❤ミルク板チョコ 2枚
❤ホワイト板チョコ 2枚




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