Flower Ice Cubes | 花入りアイスキューブ


It’s officially spring now, and even if it’s not so spring-like outside (my sympathies to those of you who are buried in snow right now), bring the spring into your kitchen and your glass with these beautiful ice cubes! These don’t take long to make at all, and can be whipped up the night before a party, or on a day when you just need some extra brightness in your life. Today I used marigolds, nasturtiums and sweet william flowers, but you could use any other kind of edible flower! You could also add herbs to the ice cubes, like mint!  I also recommend using flowers that will easily fit into your ice cube tray (unlike what I did), because they’ll look a lot prettier and give a better “blooming” effect when in your glass.

Flower Ice Cubes
❤ distilled water
❤ edible flowers
❤ desired juice or drink
1. To achieve the clearest water and prevent cloudy ice cubes, I recommend using distilled or purified water, but you could also just use tap water instead. ❤
2. Fill the ice cube tray half way with water, then place the flowers inside. Place in the freezer, and once frozen, fill in the remaining space with water, and freeze again.
3. These are so bright and colourful, so I recommend serving them in a light-coloured drink to allow them to stand out. In this recipe I simply used sparkling water.

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