Kimchi Fried Rice | キムチチャーハン


Kimchi Fried Rice

Add a kick to regular fried rice with kimchi! Kimchi is a spicy, fermented Korean side dish, and is commonly made with cabbage. This fried rice is very easy to make, and works best with cold, leftover cooked rice. While kimchi is spicy, this fried rice isn’t too hot, but you are welcome to adjust the amount of kimchi to your liking. I’ve added dashi stock powder, because it provides a unique savoury depth (umami) to the dish that was otherwise missing. You can serve this as a main dish, or as a lovely side dish to your main meal!

Ingredients (serves 2-3)
❤3 cups cooked, short grain rice
❤1 ½ cups kimchi, chopped into smaller pieces
❤2 eggs
❤2 cloves garlic
❤1 green onion
❤1/2 tsp dashi stock powder
❤3-4 tsp soy sauce
❤vegetable oil

1. Beat the eggs, then scramble in the frying pan until fully cooked. Remove from the pan and set aside.
2. Thinly slice the green onion and mince the garlic. Drizzle some oil into the frying pan, and lightly fry them over medium heat.
3. Add the kimchi, and cook for 2-3 minutes. Add the dashi stock powder and the egg, and mix to incorporate. Then add the rice, and mix together until the rice is fully coated in the kimchi.
4. Drizzle over the soy sauce, then mix together once more. Remove from heat, and serve.

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❤ご飯 3カップ
❤キムチ(食べやすい大きさに切った) 1 1/2カップ
❤卵 2個
❤にんにく 2かけ
❤ネギ 1本
❤だしの素 小さじ1/2
❤醤油 小さじ3~4




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