Mitarashi Sauce for Rice Dumplings (Dango/Shiratama) | みたらし団子のタレ


Mitarashi Sauce for Rice Dumplings (Dango/Shiratama)

This is a not too sweet sauce for shiratama that transforms them from a savoury accompaniment (recipe here) to a dessert! This sauce is simple and easy to make, and gives the dumplings a beautiful amber glaze. To make these dumplings easier to handle, you can stick 3 or 4 dumplings onto a skewer before topping with the sauce.

Ingredients (for 10-15 dumplings)

❤ 10-15 shiratama dumplings (recipe here)
❤ 40 g sugar
❤ 30g soy sauce
❤ 10g potato starch (katakuriko)
❤ 100 ml water


1. Add all the ingredients into a pot, and mix until any lumps disappear. Set on medium heat while mixing, and bring to a boil. Once the mixture comes to a boil, bring it down to low heat, and reduce the sauce for approximately 1 minute. Once the sauce has become translucent, pour over the dumplings to serve. ❤

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❤白玉 (レシピはこちらです)      10~15個
❤砂糖                                                       40g
❤醤油                                                       30g
❤片栗粉                                                   10g
❤水                                                      100ml





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