Moustache Breakfast | 口ひげ形の朝ごはんの作り方


Moustache Breakfast | 口ひげ形の朝ごはんの作り方

Happy November everyone!! For all of your hard work in growing those moustaches, you should treat yourself with a moustache for breakfast! Need more than just toast? Just like you’ve added some spice to your face this month, add some spice to your hot chocolate with this chai hot chocolate! The hot chocolate is totally customizable, and you use any kind of sweetener that you like, and even leave out the tea if you like a simple hot chocolate! Now the only thing you have to worry about is getting a whipped cream moustache…

Chai Hot Chocolate

 Ingredients (serves 1)

・ 1 cup milk
・ 1-2 chai tea bags
・ 1 tbsp cocoa powder
・ 2 tbsp granulated sugar (you can substitute it with honey or maple syrup, if you like)
・ 1 tbsp cold milk
・ a few drops of vanilla
・ cinnamon
・ whipped cream (optional, but yummy)


1. Pour 1 cup of milk into a microwave-safe bowl, and microwave for 3 – 4 minutes.
2. In the meantime, mix together the cocoa powder, sugar, cold milk, vanilla, and a few sprinkles of cinnamon in the mug that you will be drinking from. Mix them well, until all of the dry ingredients have been absorbed.
3. Put the tea bag(s) into the hot milk, and steep until your desired spiciness is reached. Remember that because you are steeping the tea in milk, it will take longer to impart a strong flavour. Steeping for about 5 minutes with two bags will give a nice spicy flavour.
4. Pour the milk into your mug, and combine well with the chocolate mixture.
5. Top with whipped cream, and sprinkle some cinnamon on top.

Moustache Toast

Ingredients (serves 1)

・ 1 thick slice of bread
・ 1 egg
・ butter
・ nutella
・ ketchup (optional)


1. Cut a moustache shape out of the center of the slice of bread. Be sure to create sharp, clean edges when cutting.
2. Spread the moustache that you cut out with nutella, emphasizing the shape.
3. Butter the remaining bread, and then place the bread in a frying pan over low heat. Be sure to keep the heat on low, or else the bread will burn.
4. Crack an egg inside the moustache shape of the bread, swirling the yolk around to create a marbled effect.
5. Cover the frying pan with a lid, and cook until the egg is cooked to your liking. Check the bread every so often to make sure it hasn’t burned.
6. Once the egg is finished cooking, remove from the frying pan. If you would like a more pronounced moustache shape, outline the egg with ketchup.

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・牛乳            カップ1
・チャイのティーバッグ    1~2個
・ココアパウダー    大さじ1
・冷たい牛乳            大さじ1
・バニラエッセンス            少々
・シナモン    少々
・ホイップクリーム            適量


① 耐熱容器に牛乳をカップ1注ぎ、電子レンジで約3~4分程度加熱する。
④ ②のマグカップに注ぎ、ココアのペーストとよく混ぜる。



・厚く切ったパン    1枚
・卵    1個
・バター        適量
・ヌテラ        適量
・ケチャップ(なくてもOK)     適量





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