☼Late-Summer Tonkatsu ☼ 夏の終わりのとんかつ☼


Late-Summer Tonkatsu

We’ve reached the time of the year when the days are becoming cooler, but we are still in the summer mindset and longing for a longer summer. I’ve made a meal of tonkatsu, breaded pork cutlet, which will help you hold onto the memories of summer and hopefully bring a little bit of warmth into your day, while maintaining the crispness of summer with the salad. Flower-shaped pork cutlets remind you of the blossoming flowers and trees of spring and summer, and the ladybug represents the liveliness of summer and the time spent enjoying the outdoors.

Ingredients (serves 1)

・2 pork cutlets
・1 egg, beaten
・flour, as needed
・panko, as needed
・cabbage, as desired
・1 small cucumber
・1 cherry tomato
・a small piece of nori
・mayonnaise, as needed
・your favourite tonkatsu sauce
・oil for frying


1. Using a 6 – 7 cm sized flower-shaped cookie cutter, cut a flower shape out from each of the pork cutlets. If the meat is difficult to cut through, run a sharp knife along the inside of the cookie cutter. This really helps to maintain the desired shape of the cutlet.

2. Coat all sides of the cutlets in flour, then dip them in the beaten egg, fully coating the cutlets. Then roll the cutlets in the panko, gently pressing down on them with your hands to make the panko stick to the egg.

3. Heat oil in a frying pan, and fry the cutlets for approximately 2 – 3 minutes per side, or until they turn a golden brown and are fully cooked in the center.

4. Once they are finished cooking, drain the excess oil on a plate lined with a paper towel.

5. For the tomato lady bugs, slice the tomato in half, and cut out small circles, as well as two half-moon shapes and two thin strips out of the nori. Attach these to each tomato half with a tiny amount of mayonnaise, making them look like lady bugs.

6. Slice the cabbage into very thin strips, and cut 2 – 3 thin slices of cucumber. Arrange the salad, tonkatsu and tomato ladybugs on your plate.

7. Drizzle your favourite tonkatsu sauce on top of your tonkatsu flowers, and enjoy! ☆

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・豚ロース肉        2枚
・卵(溶いた)       1個
・小麦粉                   適量
・パン粉                   適量
・キャベツ              適量
・きゅうり                  小1本
・プチトマト                 1個
・海苔                        少々
・マヨネーズ              適量
・サラダ油                 適量
・とんかつソース       適量












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